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Since the administration of Franklin Roosevelt the government has tried to improve the condition of the poor. In terms of material things like cell phones and TVs their lot in life has improved. The same can’t be said about their behavior, which has deteriorated. The more the poor of all races were helped and subsidized, the more dysfunctional they became. The trillions spent to ameliorate poverty brought instead a plague of alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, homelessness, abuse, bad parenting, delinquency and character issues that inhibit employment. All this was accompanied by an attitude of entitlement among welfare recipients that has morphed into a festering resentment that blames others for their predicament.

A rational society blames the sinner. However, what has evolved on the left is to blame successful people for the plight of the underclass. The call for social justice resonates in the media, the educational system and the government. At the heart of it is the belief in redistribution. Take the money from those who earned it and give it to those who didn’t. While you’re at it, reduce the penalties for crimes and overlook bad behavior.

Despite this national emphasis on social justice and redistribution, the misbehavior of the subsidized is getting worse. It has deteriorated through eight decades of social welfare and it will be much worse in the future. Virtually everything the left stands for promotes the destruction of civil society.

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