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The struggle that entrepreneurs go through to build a business tends to make them conservative, especially when the IRS and other government agencies are impediments to their success. That’s why it’s always puzzled me as to why the big successful corporations in Silicon Valley are so liberal. The management of these companies are invariably left-wingers.

Isn’t it ironic that Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are now under investigation by Congress? If you have great success in business it attracts government regulators who want to spoil the fun. Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) wants to see if these super-successful companies have “harmed consumers.” Apparently he doesn’t understand that consumers make the buying choices that determine whether a company succeeds or fails. They don’t make buying choices that harm them.

I wonder how Mark Zuckerberg likes turning over his private emails to a government fishing expedition. How do Larry Page at Google, Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Tim Cook at Apple (all champions of big government liberalism) like turning over their company’s documents and records to anti-trust regulators who want to break them up? How do they like reading in the newspaper that a Democratic congressman has called their testimony “evasive”? How do they like the fact that lawmakers are intensifying the probe of their companies?

In today’s brand of twenty-first century socialism business is fair game to be taxed, regulated, punished and intimidated by legislatures and bureaucrats. Too bad that business leaders are not united in attempting to limit the size of government and preserving the Constitution. That might help to vote the liberal scoundrels out of office. For the big tech companies, it’s apparently too late.

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