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The U.S. government raked in more in tax dollars this year than ever before. Unfortunately, that didn’t come close to covering its spending excesses. That’s why the left is so intent on raising taxes. They want to spend even more on social issues. Progressives don’t care about budgets. They want no limit on social spending. There is always another spending program needed to fix some social ill the left has seized upon as a hot new issue. When the government eventually suffers a comeuppance for its runaway spending, the left will force taxes higher. The subsidized crowd of voters will empower them to expropriate assets. Listen to Elizabeth Warren if you want to get the picture.

Outrageously higher taxes will throttle the American economy. This is how nations fail and unless we can defeat these impractical liberals, the future looks bleak. Leftists pay no attention to results. They persist with their excessive spending formulas in the face of their failure. Eventually they will cripple capitalism, destroy free markets and make everyone poorer. Then they will call it victory.

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