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The government has programs and requirements that give money, or business contracts to minorities. These preferences supposedly help the recipient. But they do not. They simply relieve these people from learning the necessary lessons required to climb to the top and succeed on merit.

Those who oppose these government preferences are thought to be mean-spirited or reactionary. The media brands them as chauvinists or racists. In reality, most business owners or managers want a level playing field and would like to see minorities reach the upper levels of achievement. Most people in business want all to experience success and are not in the least threatened by this prospect. But those of us who have struggled know that this can never be accomplished with shortcuts. The government’s subsidy programs will lower the chances of minorities to take their place on the pinnacles of success. If you accept business contracts or money you didn’t earn to speed your success, you undermine your long-term prospects and incur the dead opposite of what the government strives to accomplish.

If you get a job or promotion because of your race or gender, it is no different than a subsidy. You get something that you didn’t earn, something for nothing. You are weaker for it than if you climbed the ladder by yourself. It may seem like a helping hand, but if it deprives you of skill and inner strength it is a push backwards. Nothing good ever comes from getting something you didn’t earn.

Now the government and the media encourage those who get entitlements to see themselves as victims. This is just one more horribly negative outcome of subsidies. Once trapped in the belief that you are a victim, you surrender your birthright to compete for the prizes of life. In the mind of the victims and their sponsors, everything controversial that happens in the country becomes just another plot to keep them from succeeding. Such perceptions can easily become their reality.

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