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Do you ever wonder what will happen to America in the future? Will we prosper or will we fail? Technology may save us for a while and perhaps for good. Unfortunately, some of our present trends threaten to do us in. Our welfare system produces growing numbers of criminals who threaten our safety. We have the crime, but not the punishment. We have brought a lot of people into the country who are notorious for their intolerance. Will they always be peaceful? Drugs threaten societal collapse through the multiple evils of addiction, misconduct, homelessness and bad health. The nation’s finances are in disarray and inflation punishes us all. Also, we are too heavily taxed by a government of wastrels. In ancient Rome, the same ills send the citizens to live with the barbarians.

Most disturbing is the success of radical progressives at local ballot boxes. These leftists aim to eliminate capitalism and replace it with socialist schemes that have never worked. If they are successful, you can be sure the Constitution will be overturned, living standards will plummet, and commerce will collapse. The history books will chronicle our demise. If we are to prosper in the years ahead, the socialists must not prevail.

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