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Is anybody getting poorer in America? You would think that our people are falling into poverty and hard times when liberal politicians speak. It’s just the opposite. We’re all doing better. Yes, billionaires are getting richer, but that’s not taking anything away from anybody. Actually, the money that the wealthy have creates employment and prosperity. It’s not a zero-sum game as many socialists believe. If you get a dollar richer, nobody gets a dollar poorer because of it. In fact, the wealthiest countries where living standards are the highest have the most millionaires and billionaires.

Taxing the money away from the rich actually hurts the economy and increases unemployment. The left wants that money to fund their giveaways. They are motivated by envy and a runaway social sympathy that’s beyond impractical. They have done incalculable damage to the people they subsidize. Yet they want to give more money in hopes of solving the festering moral and behavioral problems they’ve created. The liberals are intent on giving the people a free ride rather than have them solve their problems with resourcefulness and diligence. They want to use the money that working people earn in ways that weaken the populace and foster anti-social behavior. Our future prosperity hinges on our ability to checkmate these redistributors. If they get the upper hand for a lengthy period of time, America will hit the gutter as surely as intoxicated druggies on California streets.

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