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My wife and I are leaving for our winter home in Florida on November 10th. It’s been 10 to 20 degrees below normal in Minnesota, so I’m happy to leave this unseasonable cold. Despite the frigid air, and one of the worst winters ever recorded last season the local newspaper constantly beats the drum for global warming. A Canadian friend told me that last year the province of Saskatchewan experienced the coldest winter ever recorded. Nevertheless, we have our paper running an article on Sunday blaming the president for the fires in California. They should change the name of the paper to the Minneapolis Parrot for reprinting every hateful article from the N.Y. Times and Washington Post.

The loony left wants to ban fracking and eliminate fossil fuels. Home heating costs will go through the roof if these socialist candidates have their way. Forcing us to rely solely on wind and solar while Asians are using oil and natural gas makes little sense. It’s no fun shivering in the cold, but if Bernie Sanders ever becomes our energy czar people will literally freeze to death. Socialism is not the answer for global warming

I’ve got the space heater going in my office and out the window it’s snowing. We could use a little global warming these days. In our country, we are blessed with low-cost energy because of free market breakthroughs like fracking. Capitalism keeps it warm inside. The left wants to stop oil and gas drilling and they won’t let up until hell freezes over which it will if they win.

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