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For two days running articles appeared in our newspaper about Jane Fonda demonstrating against global warming. Leave it to the liberal media to celebrate her activism and subsequent arrest. They were also cheering her on in 1972 when she visited Hanoi and stabbed our prisoners of war in the back. That treasonous action should have been enough to keep her out of the limelight forever. If she’s not a Marxist, she’s the next thing to it.

These leftists are the most negative people on earth. They always have a hot-button issue that’s a perceived injustice or a social wrong that must be corrected. They dislike the U.S., the one country in the world that has dramatically rolled back discrimination and lifted millions out of poverty. Karl Marx was the same kind of pessimist. Instead of seeing the laboring class working their way towards a better life he saw them being cheated and trampled. Today’s radicals see injustice everywhere. They never look at the bright side of things or ever see the benefits and luxuries showered upon us by capitalism.

Wherever the Marxists have had their way in places like Cuba, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, that country has gone to hell. Today’s socialists don’t care to see this evidence. They’d rather continue to see injustice everywhere. Radicals like Jane Fonda seem to be growing in number. When they gain control of a city government, they harm the community. The market system solves the world’s problems and improves our living standards, our heath and our wealth. Collectivism introduces starvation. Capitalism ends it. We should allow free markets to flourish and solve our problems while keeping dismal and gloomy socialism at bay.

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