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Our local newspaper, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, drives me crazy. Here’s my latest complaint to the owner and editors:


The disclaimer on your editorial page reads, “Commentaries are selected to present a range of perspectives, etc.” That’s a falsehood. It should read “Commentaries are selected to present a range of left-wing perspectives.”

Furthermore, many of the news articles you run belong on the editorial page, because they are opinions authored by liberals. Most of these are reprinted from the left-wing N.Y. Times or Washington Post. It’s frustrating for your conservative readers to see this overwhelming bias.

A recent cartoon on your editorial page depicted the President of the United States as a pig with all of his children sucking on his teats. No bias there. Or how about L. K. Hanson’s cartoon with a make-believe quote from talk show host Laura Ingraham, “Just pay me enough and I’ll hate anybody.” I can understand Hanson’s bias in light of his recent cartoon picturing Karl Marx with a supposedly wise quotation that was nonsense.

If you want to be a radical left-wing publication, you are getting there. Conservatives call you a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. You would better serve the community and your bottom line with a less divisive policy.

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