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Last week a little girl was in her backyard, bouncing on a trampoline, when a bullet hit her in the head. She was the 19th child shot in Minneapolis so far this year. The police have never been more necessary, yet our city leaders want to reimagine the duties of the police. Some crimes will be ignored and penalties reduced on others. Bail will be abolished for 19 types of felonies. Traffic stops will end for various offenses. On top of these police reforms the Justice Department is investigating the Minneapolis Police Department. The local media has nothing good to say about the police and we frequently hear about their sins.

Every type of crime is growing and liberal policies encourage this trend. Consequently, crime is likely to get worse and we will likely see further outbreaks of looting through the summer. You would think that eventually this bad behavior would begin to wear thin with the majority of people. Hopefully it will translate into defeat for progressives at the polls. They should be kicked out of office based on the results of their policies. The longer they run things, the worse will be the results.

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