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In Minneapolis, we have a large population of immigrants from Somalia. One neighborhood, known as little Mogadishu, lies within a congressional district that just reelected the leftist Ilhan Omar. This harsh critic of America immigrated form a country notorious for its corruption, lack of security, armed conflicts and humanitarian crises. The Somalis often suffer from famines, malnutrition and starvation.  Abuses against children and sexual violence against women and girls are commonplace. How fortunate are these Somalis who were able to leave this failed nation and come to America? Do they give thanks? Not so you’d notice. By electing Ilhan Omar, the majority reflect an appalling ingratitude.

Now comes Ilhan Omar’s 18-year-old daughter to announce that she is a communist. Her Twitter bio shows a hammer and sickle. It used to be “liberal parents, radical children.” Now its radical parents, communist children. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi will attend Columbia this fall, a particularly good place to worship Chairman Mao and other murderous revolutionaries. Her stated goal is to eliminate capitalism.


An economist once said if you wish to see the results of capitalism then all you need do is look around you. Then look at Cuba where they are still driving 75-year-old cars. To be a Marxist today you have to ignore a century of history, 100 million murders and the elimination by capitalism of great swaths of poverty and growing prosperity worldwide. The countries in Africa, like Ethiopia, that have embraced capitalism are beginning to experience explosive economic growth. Countries like Somalia are becoming welfare states that are going nowhere.  All of this is lost on Ilhan Omar who is more interested in depicting America as unjust. Her homeland would be a better place to look.

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