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When I hear the socialists claiming that “people are living from paycheck to paycheck,” I think, so what? I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck including the first twenty years of marriage. When I started two businesses I went for months without any paycheck. At times, in life you have to struggle and overcome financial difficulties. It’s sickening how these leftists want to mollycoddle the citizenry. Grow up people. Do we have to run to the government with every hangnail?

When I was a young salesman, they opened an unemployment office in my town. I asked the office manager what they did. He told me they give money to people who are out of work. “Like who?” I wanted to know. He explained that construction workers who were laid off in the winter could get a monthly payment. This was a revelation to me and I wondered who would actually do this. There was a heavy stigma against getting money from the government and nobody I knew would even consider it. How times have changed. Nobody thinks that way today. The rugged individualists of the past and our self-sufficient forbearers never had a penny of subsidies. They made America great by overcoming difficulties and setbacks. They proved that people can get through anything on their own.

Unfortunately, the free ride the socialists promise makes a people weak. We see signs of this among the subsidized who live from government check to government check. Welfare makes people worse off. We’ve embraced too much socialism already in the U.S. Historians may someday write that this was the reason for our downfall.

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