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It’s hard to write or think about anything other than the Ukraine these days. Its history serves to reveal the evils visited upon it by Socialism and Communism. The independent farmers of the Ukraine thwarted Joe Stalin. Thus, he began a policy to liquidate these Kulaks. Stalin’s henchmen murdered whole families on their farmsteads. They shipped them in boxcars to Siberia to freeze and die. Then Stalin deprived them of food and millions starved to death in the most horrible ways. The Ukrainians’ hatred for the Muscovites is well-earned.

Communist regimes invariably begin to murder anyone who opposes them. Think of 65 million or more killed in China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Castro in Cuba and that murderous hero of the left, Che Guevara, were stone-cold killers. This outcome can happen anywhere the radical left gets the upper hand. In Venezuela, the people were envious and greedy enough to vote in a tyrant who promised them booty. The only reason they didn’t murder more in Venezuela, is because America was watching. Instead, they used extreme terror and it worked.

Could the time ever come in our country when they line rich white guys up against the wall? Probably not possible in our lifetime. However, if the radical left and the criminal class ever unite under a future socialist government, all bets are off. We need to be aware of their crimes and never forget what they have always done. In that way, we will protect our future generations.

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