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I don’t remember being angry at one of my kids for at least 20 years. However, last week, I blew my stack at one of my sons. He was on the phone telling me we have to punish the oil companies. He was listening to the impractical leftists on MSNBC. I lost it and called him an “effing” communist. I told him that one of the great disappointments of my life was to raise a son (and daughter) who were progressives. I damned him for not appreciating the blessings that originate from capitalism and for his failure to see that socialism and communism have never created or invented a single product or service.

I yelled into the phone that America is lucky to have our great oil companies that provide us with light, heat, gasoline and a cornucopia of necessary products. We should reward them rather than punish them with excessive taxes. Profits aren’t a dirty word; they are proof that businesses are doing a superior job of providing goods and services to consumers. Furthermore, most companies use their profits to expand and provide more and better services. Capitalism is the only road to growth and prosperity. Socialism and communism are parasitic failures that will limit and eventually kill off our prosperity. The liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin.

With that, I gave the phone to my wife and left the room to cool down.

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