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It’s hard to imagine that any president has ever been confronted with so many devilish problems as Mr. Trump. The virus, the riots and the economic consequences are enormous difficulties for the nation and the chief executive. He’s been criticized for his handling of the virus, but who could have done a better job with something that nobody alive had ever experienced? He works hard to solve every contentious issue and he stands up against the detrimental excesses of the left. In that sense, he may be the greatest modern president we have had in a time of crisis.

Certainly, no president has ever had the abuse, hatred and criticism dumped upon him as has Mr. Trump. Few men or women could withstand this level of enmity and the daily hostility in the media. Worst of all is the constant backstabbing from former allies, friends and relatives. It must hurt him, but it never dissuades him. He is proving to be tough and resilient and able to outduel the swarm of enemies that pester him. History will judge him favorably and we can be thankful we have him at this critical juncture of unsettling events.

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