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Recent events engineered by leftists are beyond crazy. They were able to shut down an important energy pipeline and stop construction of another. All pipelines are in peril and the cost of oil and gas could soar.

Further madness exists with the demands to eliminate police or prohibit them from responding to 911 calls. Then we have the elimination of bail and the reduction of charges for theft, vandalism and other law breaking. They even want to close prisons.

On top of all that, we have encampments of homeless welfare recipients clustered in the downtown’s of major liberal cities, most of whom are acknowledged to be drug addicts and alcoholics. These cities also protect illegal aliens who have committed crimes and would otherwise be deported.

The loony left also promotes the idea that America has done more evil than good. They don’t want a country that operates on the merit system. Nor do they appreciate the blessings of capitalism which they want to replace.

Finally, if all this isn’t enough to prove liberal nuttiness, how about the fact that men are now competing in women’s sporting events, much to the consternation of the women?

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