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Lately I’ve been reading how the government won’t be able to afford the retirement benefits and health care costs for retirees. I’ll tell you what they are not going to be able to afford; a swelling population of the underclass who rarely work and live primarily off subsidies. In all too many cases these people have lost the ability to work. They’re unemployable. Because they are bored, a lot of them make mischief and so we have a very expensive legal system with public defenders, court officers, judges, parole officers, wardens, police, guards and security personnel who would otherwise not be necessary. Then we have hospital emergency wards filled with victims of gunshot wounds, beatings and stabbings. In addition, there’s the bad health of the underclass because of diet, booze and drugs. They drive up all our medical and health care costs.

The government is also paying for a host of occupations that serve the bottom rung of society. Social workers have multiplied, as have chemical dependency counselors, and job trainers. These all sound necessary, but never seem to help much. New prisons and hospitals, public transportation, patrol cars, homeless shelters and a million other expenses soak the government and the taxpayers. Social sympathy is running amok.

The underclass have helped turn Social Security into a partial welfare program. Anyone with a problem gets $1,000 a month. Filing a tax return gets another $1,200. Then there’s various state welfare programs. There’s the federal program that replaced Aid to Dependent Children. There’s health care, food stamps, subsidized housing, rent and the payment of heating bills. If all these poverty programs were somehow reducing or curbing the population of the underclass, you could live with it. But, it’s just the opposite. These subsidies attract people, and it’s causing highly irresponsible parents to have offspring they don’t take care of.

These trends promise financial ruin and civil unrest. For one thing, taxes will be raised. Worst of all, the people paying the taxes are also paying to increase the threat to their safety and security from a growing horde of very bad actors. If the government ever fails to send out the welfare checks, nobody will be safe. Nevertheless, if you mention any of these problems to progressives, they call you a racist or worse. Our education system, our media and our government are full of these left wing loons whose mission is to convert people to socialism. Pray for the U.S.A.


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