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Many of the articles that follow in this newsletter predict a variety of economic crisis ahead. Most of these difficulties and financial disasters spell doom for conventional investments. The best protection against the possibility of catastrophic loss has historically been owning gold and silver. What you will read here are powerful arguments from independent thinkers and capable analysts. Their views are not to be dismissed as improbable or eccentric. Anybody who wants to look can see that our country is way over its head in monetary terms. If you think these authors have a 10% chance of being correct in their predictions, then you should be hedged with 10% of your net worth in silver and gold. Frankly, I think the risks of a crisis are higher than 10% and the more silver and gold you own the better.

I’m not making the case here to own these precious metals because of the great potential for gain that they offer. I’m suggesting you own them solely to protect yourself in periods of high anxiety and worry, when other assets implode and contract. If you have the misfortune of living through a full blown panic, you will thank your lucky stars that you own silver and gold. All civilizations have experienced panics and crashes that reshuffled wealth and left many of its citizens destitute. Those hurt the worst were often the most trusting. They were certain of the reassurances they received. Then the earth gave way.

Something that has happened many times in the past is likely to happen again. The financial reckoning that has afflicted other nations over the years can happen here. If this should happen to us, you need the protection offered by silver and gold. Nothing else will do.

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