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Liberal cities are failing to protect the safety of their citizens. Recently, in Minneapolis, a 25-year-old man high on drugs and alcohol plowed into an auto killing a 23-year-old physician’s assistant. In the past 8 months, he has been arrested 5 times for driving without a license, once for stealing a car, once for fleeing police, and once for going 108 miles an hour in a 50 mile per hour zone. He was going 75 in a 30 when he killed the girl. He was also on probation for an earlier drunk driving and speeding arrest.

This beautiful young lady lost her life because of liberal insanity. In any kind of rational civilization this criminal would be incarcerated. There is no excuse for allowing him to get behind the wheel time and again. How many other irresponsible lunatics are out there threatening our safety when they should be in jail? We need to stop this policy of crime without punishment. It’s not working and it’s getting worse.

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