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After the civil unrest in Minneapolis, police began to dramatically reduce traffic stops. They slowed down writing tickets for expired license plates and other minor offenses. Just as you would expect a lot of people are now neglecting to renew their license tabs. Drivers who obey the law and renew their plates are beginning to notice the growing number of expired plates on the road. “Am I a chump for paying for mine?” asks one driver.

Anecdotally, it seems that hit-and-runs, pedestrian deaths and high-speed accidents are on the rise in the Twin Cities. We know that these types of violations are no longer punished as they once were. Law and order are gradually deteriorating in cities run by leftists and its’s making it more dangerous for law-abiding citizens. People are getting killed by drivers who should be in jail and the lack of prosecution of these criminals should be front page news. Reporters should be asking, “Who are the judges responsible for letting these people loose?”

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