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It’s easy to get a pessimistic view of the future these days. Since the left has taken over the media, we get a daily dose of liberal sentiments. The left has no limit on their social sympathy. Every human hardship, problem or difficulty must be cured by government. No one can miss a meal, forego a paycheck, be evicted or suffer from  the consequences of their actions. We have endless government programs to alleviate economic suffering, subsidize indolence and rectify injustice. Unfortunately, human problems are never-ending and the costs to confront and defeat them are open-ended. For the Democrats, runaway social sympathy means runaway social spending. As often as not their spending on social causes makes matters worse, but these frequent policy failures never register. Welfare spending is a prime example.

Liberal compassion means free stuff handed out by the government. Free medical, free education, free food and free housing to name a few. In this time of the pandemic, the government is doing all it can to alleviate suffering and that’s hard to argue with. However, these vast outlays add up to a scary number and there’s a lot more to come. If we spend too much to make life easier, there will be consequences that make life harder. Empires have fallen and dynasties collapsed because they had a spending problem not unlike ours. Worst of all, the left will never stop spending (nor will many Republicans) and the dire consequences that follow (hyperinflation, depression) will play into the hands of the socialists. Once they get the upper hand, be assured that any semblance of the America you have known will disappear.

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