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Not too many people know that banking giant JPMorgan has accumulated a huge stockpile of silver. Nor do people know that there isn’t a lot of silver above ground that’s available for purchase. They are not aware that the billions of ounces that were once held by the U.S. have been used up by industry and are gone. They don’t know that silver is a miraculous metal with so many important uses that it’s grossly mispriced and severely undervalued. They haven’t read Theodore Butler missives that explain why a silver price explosion is the inevitable outcome of a price suppression.

At some point in 2011 when the price had run up, JPMorgan must have realized the true dynamics of silver and opened their eyes to the enormous profit opportunity it offered. They have been accumulating silver ever since. Theodore Butler points out that JPMorgan has, by now, accumulated 1 billion ounces of physical silver. The fact that JPMorgan owns so much silver virtually insures that the silver price will climb. There are billions in profits waiting to be had by them. The train is going to leave the station and when it does, you want to be on board. It could be the ride of a lifetime. Hedge yourself against hard times with silver and if silver analyst Theodore Butler is correct, gain significant profits by owning this miraculous metal.

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