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When you hear the left spewing out their woke nonsense, it makes you fear for the future of our country. Some of these avowed Marxists would abolish the Constitution, redistribute the nation’s wealth and replace capitalism and free markets with government coercion and control. People are still being killed or dying in jails in every communist nation. That’s what communism always does. The radicals of our country fully intend to eliminate our prosperity in the name of equality. Sadly, their views get aired in the media and their numbers appear to be growing. Most of them will harm you and your way of life if they can.

You often hear young radicals vow that they hate capitalism and they intend to eliminate it. For most of history our existence on earth followed Hobbes’ dictum that life was “nasty, brutish and short.” Capitalism changed all that. It dramatically improved our health and extended our lifespan. It made our time on earth more pleasant and rewarding. We only need go to a shopping mall to observe the endless selection of products that make our lives more comfortable and entertaining. The foolish Marxists claim that this is wasteful and hard on the environment. If they had been in charge, we would still be living in caves. It’s hard not to lose patience with their nonsense.

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