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If you were to talk with silver analyst Ted Butler every day as I do, you would now be extremely bullish on silver. Every indicator he follows is signaling that a price hike is imminent. We will have to see, but he makes a convincing case, and he knows a lot about silver trading. Mr. Butler believes the fireworks could start any day. He thinks we will be setting new highs over $50 an ounce soon.

Of course, everyone we mention this prediction to quickly reminds us that we’ve been saying that for a long time and it hasn’t happened yet. I can only suggest that this time, it may be different. Certainly, the indicators and reports that Ted Butler relies on are only different in the degree of their bullishness. He’s adamant, get ready for the big one.  Silver is like no other asset. For a half century, the price has been manipulated downward in the futures market. A shortage promises to end that. Mr. Butler argues that the free market price of silver is much higher. He claims all the prior price highs will be exceeded and then some. He says that great days are ahead for those who own silver.

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