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I’ve become sick of the term activist. Our daily newspaper has endless articles about activists. Activists shut down the freeway; activists closed down the bridge over the river; activists set up a homeless encampment in a city park. We have a new city council in Minneapolis and many of them are life-long activists. The first city council meeting was swamped by activists opposing Israel. Activists on the city council drafted a press release supporting Hamas. Activists voted for it and an audience of activists cheered it on.

Does anybody, other than a handful of activists, give a damn that the Minneapolis city council passed this resolution? Will it change anything? Of course not. Meanwhile, car jackings and crime are on the rise again. The police force is inadequately staffed and too much crime goes unpunished. Activists make the city unsafe. We need less reporting on what the activists on the city council are doing and more reporting on what they’re not doing.

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