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If we get a president who shares the sentiments of liberal mayors and governors our safety may be threatened. Progressive politicians have allowed our cities to burn and kept police from responding to 911 calls. In one case, people were charged with a crime for trying to protect their property. The left seems to enjoy this sickening debacle and the media has tried to rationalize it as justification for racial grievances.

If a newly elected left-wing administration refuses to protect our property and personal safety and allows radical demonstrators to run wild, our way of life and peace of mind could be destroyed. With Trump we know we have someone who will uphold the law and protect us. A radical new government will use its power to enforce onerous Marxist dictates that only a few months ago seemed impossible. Constitutional protections would be altered or ignored. Make no mistake, this onslaught against our system will be aggressively advanced if conservatives lose the election.

We all recognize that bad things have happened to minorities throughout much of our history. However, for sixty years our government has bent over backwards to rectify these sins. Progress has been made and attitudes have changed. Most Americans are not racist, but are happy to see minorities succeed and prosper. Nevertheless, the radicals will hear none of this. They will only settle for our scalp.

If we lose to “the woke,” the cancel culture will abridge our right to free speech and punish those who dare speak out. The merit system will be subject to bitter attack and quota systems will be enforced by law. An aggressive confiscation of firearms will render the second amendment irrelevant. Taxes on incomes and assets will rise to confiscatory levels. The oil and gas industry will be regulated out of business and perhaps nationalized. Crimes will be overlooked and punishment reduced. Capitalism will be demeaned and overregulated. Socialist schemes will eliminate profits and sink the economy.

In the last century, we have ample evidence of mankind’s ability to inflict genocidal horror on entire populations. The Marxists alone murdered 100 million people. When hatred boils over, terrible things can happen. The only thing that Marxists and collectivists have proven to excel at is revolution and mass murder. They often did this in league with the criminal class. I understand that currently we are a long way from that possibility and the mainstream is scornful of any such concerns. But history cries out to us that revolutions can turn bloody. Lenin worked relentlessly for decades before he overthrew the existing order and terrorism and murder began in earnest. We need to stand against the threat from the radical left and the fellow travelers and useful idiots who march with them. Hopefully our narrative will prevail.

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