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A federal report reveals that 40% of all births in the U.S. are now out of wedlock. The reason for this dramatic rise was chalked off to changing lifestyles. No mention was made of the government subsidizing single mothers, the obvious reason for this worrisome trend. The report stressed the behavioral deterioration among children with one parent.

In Washington they’re going to file this report and forget it. You would think that when 40% of the kids born in a country are b——s, it might raise some serious questions as to why. Oh well, on to Armageddon.

* * * * *

Over many years the government paid farmers to dig ditches and drain the wetlands on their land. Serious flooding in the Red River of the north (the border between Minnesota and North Dakota) frequently imperils Fargo, Grand Forks, and other North Dakota communities. Up in Manitoba they built a 30-mile dike along the border with the U.S. that holds the water back and floods thousands of acres of North Dakota farmland (the river runs north).

Nobody mentions that thanks to the government 50% of the wetlands in western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota are ditched directly into the Red River and its tributaries. If a quarter of that water were put back on the land, the flooding would ease. Instead, the government’s planning bigger dikes and bigger ditches. Across the border, in Winnipeg, on the banks of the Red River, those unreasonable Canadians don’t want their homes flooded and their rivers polluted by our water. The North Dakota state government is miffed by this lack of cooperation.

* * * * *

Recent studies show that highly subsidized gasohol emits more hydrocarbons than regular gasoline. That says nothing about higher food prices and massive environmental damage. The government’s response to this sorry news about their pet energy project is to mandate more gasohol production. The free market would have scrapped this scheme before it wasted a dime.

* * * * *

The morning paper carried a story about the new administration’s desire to give free health care to 50 million people who don’t buy insurance. They hope to raise taxes on soda pop to help pay for it. In the face of gargantuan government deficits and a severe financial crisis, these social dreamers want to raise taxes and spend billions more. This is the mindset of union organizers and community activists. They are definitely anti-business. Capitalism can’t do well under their guidance and, without capitalism the country can’t survive as we know it.

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