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I’ve been in the gold and silver business for 43 years. You would hope I’ve learned something over that time. Since 1973 I’ve read thousands of reports, articles and books on precious metals. I’ve even written books on gold and numerous articles on silver. Almost all the articles I read currently on gold and silver are woefully lacking or just plain wrong. Our consultant Theodore Butler is the only person on the planet writing insightful analysis on silver. Of course, that’s my opinion, but it’s based on facts.

The foremost example of Theodore Butler’s analysis has been his detective work on JPMorgan’s stranglehold on silver pricing. For years he’s called them manipulative and crooked.  Despite sending hundreds of articles to the bank’s officers and lawyers, nobody from the bank has ever said boo. Nobody else writes about JPMorgan because they are afraid they will get sued. Mr. Butler has no such fears because he’s certain he is right. The fact that he remains unscathed offers proof that his contentions are correct.

Lately, Ted Butler has been the silver sleuth of the century. He seemingly has tracked JPMorgan’s every move in the futures market as they maneuver to acquire gargantuan quantities of physical silver while reducing their paper shorts. It reminds me of a scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when they can’t ditch a posse following them. “Who are those guys,” they question. “Who is that guy?” JPMorgan must be asking. Their complex manipulations on the COMEX, in the silver ETF and at the U.S. Mint are laid bare by Ted Butler for all to see.

Last week I sent the following memo to our broker staff:


To: All Brokers

From: Jim Cook

I’ve never seen Ted Butler as excited as he was late Friday afternoon when the Bank Participation Report and the Commitment of Traders Report were published. Suddenly all the clues he studies are pointing to JPMorgan switching out of their short position that has suppressed silver prices for years. They are pulling strings and maneuvering their way into a huge long position in physical silver and a much lower short position in the paper futures market. The latter is the scenario he said would be necessary to launch silver into the stratosphere. Ted suggests this is the time that JPMorgan will double-cross the other big shorts. All his data points to silver taking off soon.

With the silver-to-gold ratio at 80 to one history indicates this will change dramatically in silver’s favor. Mr. Butler says that gold can’t possibly keep up with silver. Gold will languish while silver soars. People should own silver over gold.

Please call your customers and urge them to switch any gold they have into silver. If they don’t answer your call leave this message: “We have something really important to tell you about gold.

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