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Our recent newsletters are trying to put across Theodore Butler’s reasoning that JPMorgan’s involvement in silver makes it a can’t miss proposition for silver buyers. Mr. Butler insists that you can make ten times or more by owning silver coins and bars. This is an audacious prediction, but Mr. Butler doesn’t hesitate to assure us that JPMorgan’s dominant position in physical silver means that silver must rise.

With tens of billions of profits available to the bank, the time for silver’s appreciation must be close at hand. Furthermore, they can engineer the inception of a price rise by closing out their shorts in the paper futures market. As Ted Butler has stressed over and over again, they are in the driver’s seat. It’s logical to assume they intend to make as much money as they can with silver. That’s why JPMorgan’s silver accumulation is the most bullish development for silver that could ever happen.

The natural inclination is to be skeptical about the possibility of a runaway silver market. If you didn’t have some doubt, you’d put everything you have into silver. Mr. Butler’s credentials, his track record and his deep understanding of both the futures market and the physical silver market make him widely recognized as the world’s ranking silver expert. This fact should erase a lot of skepticism over his ultra-bullish stance on silver. I believe it is wise to accept his argument and buy silver. He says there will never be a profit opportunity like it again. He insists that owning silver will dramatically improve your net worth.

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