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“We need only take our heads out of the sand to see clearly that interventionism not only has failed to provide the promised something-for-nothing, but has led to all sorts of undesirable consequences. Indeed, many are just beginning to realize that we are moving towards disaster even though we have been on a wrong heading for decades.” Leonard Read

It always amazes me to hear that 40% of the voters are independents or 40% haven’t made up their mind yet. What kind of lukewarm sentiment is that? This is a time when socialism is threatening to unravel the American dream. If the collectivists prevail, it will throw us into a new dark age. We already have a huge chunk of our populace living off the government. If that trend continues, national bankruptcy and a broken economy are inevitable. We are living on borrowed time and hardly anybody gets it. Socialism doesn’t work. It spreads misery and despair. Sad to say we are far down the road to a style of socialism known as interventionism.

The government intervenes in virtually everything. Unlike conventional socialism, the government doesn’t own the corporations. Instead, they control them with regulations and tax them heavily. The government is in the driver’s seat. They use the money they extort to reward their supporters such as government employees and a hoard of subsidized moochers. When America grew into a mighty industrial colossus, taxes were negligible, regulations were few and government was small. Can anybody say that high taxes, excessive regulation and bloated government have made us more prosperous? Has our culture improved? Quite the contrary. Our character has weakened and our behavior coarsened. Free money ruins everything it touches.

There is only one reason our economy has not bounced back the way it should: too much government. The state is choking out free enterprise and capitalism. Freedom is diminishing. If you want to find the villain behind all our economic and social problems, look no further than big government. It’s responsible for everything that ails us. Look at how socialism ruined Cuba and Venezuela. Look at the bad behavior of those who have been on the dole the longest. Take notice of how the government prints money to pay for its runaway spending deficits. Inflation and socialism are joined at the hip. The government’s liberal economic policies discourage saving and promote squandering.

We’ve been going socialistic for 85 years. The threat and warnings of an economic crisis that must accompany these socialistic schemes has never come to fruition. The inevitable destruction has been held off by even more socialism combined with monetary policies that pay for socialism. Consequently, we still have to suffer from socialism’s evils. That painful leveling will include a collapsing economy, a falling currency and increasing poverty.

A vote for big government and more socialism is a terribly uninformed vote. Of all the issues that concern voters, the most important one doesn’t get enough attention. We have been overtaken by socialism. The horrible events that plague us emanate from government policies. If we are to survive with any semblance of the America that we grew up with socialism must be turned back and soon. We are at the crisis point. The left must be defeated or the nation we know will perish.

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