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Every day we are confronted with evidence that the left is making a mess of our country. They are dividing us. Successful people are now condemned for their prosperity. Yet, these people who comprise the upper middle class are the most tolerant, generous and helpful people in the nation. They are the bedrock of American greatness.

Their neighborhoods are clean and free of litter. Their lawns are mowed and flowers beautify their yards. The Stars and Stripes are flown on appropriate holidays. Their schools are free of serious disruption and crime rarely visits their neighborhoods. Children can play safely in their own yards. These good citizens go to bed early and rise rested ready for the day’s challenges. They work hard and count their blessings. They are honest and trustworthy and possess good character. Without them, our country would be in a shambles.

Nevertheless, these good people are accused of intolerance, hatred and greed. They are blamed for the shortcomings of others and the failures in our society. Their attitudes supposedly hold others back. This is sheer nonsense, but it holds sway in the media and among those who need excuses. These negative depictions are the agenda of liberalism and the left. It is just another of their universal falsehoods.

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