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An uncomfortably hot August day got me to thinking about the blessings of air conditioning. Not too many years ago, homes did not have any relief from the heat. Then an entrepreneur and inventor Willis Carrier developed air conditioning. Nobody pays attention to the reasons we have things like air conditioning. It’s the capitalistic system that enables creative people to flourish. Under capitalism, endless new products and services are created to make our lives better. Under socialism, there’s zilch. Innovation hardly exists.

A young girl who recently won an election in New York was prancing around on TV exclaiming “socialism works.” She didn’t complete the sentence. Socialism works if it can steal the profits of free enterprise. This parasitical economic system must have capitalism to leech off of. That’s because under socialism, nothing useful has ever been created. No popular product or service has ever been invented in socialist regimes. If many years ago the world had adopted communism, we would still be living in caves. How this worthless, bloodsucking economic philosophy even exists is testimony to the ignorance of the left. They fault the system that brings us a rich and bountiful life and gives praise to a collectivism that ensures poverty.

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