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The full persuasive power of the national media is focused on defeating Donald Trump. If he loses, that will be the reason. The left has controlled most of our media outlets for decades. They are the reason our government has implemented so many social programs and grown so large. In my family we always listened to the national news at 5:30 p.m. We heard Walter Kronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and Dan Rather who fed us the liberal line. In the 1960s, TV news had a love affair with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and anyone who disagreed was scorned.

I can remember my TV-induced loathing for the John Birch Society because of negative reporting about them. They were depicted as the lunatic fringe because of their right-wing views. They didn’t like communists. Turn on the TV news channels today and you year a constant barrage of hideously negative reporting on Mr. Trump. That bias influences viewers, especially young people. The media has become a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party and if Mr. Trump wins it will be an extraordinary accomplishment.

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