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It’s a favorite theme of the left that America is guilty of perpetrating evil. Peggy Noonan writing in the Wall Street Journal about the Democratic convention pointed out, “There was a non-stop hum of grievances – most of the speakers thought they had to beat the crap out of the country – over and over. Its sins: racism, sexism, bigotry, violence, xenophobia, being unwelcoming to immigrants. The charges never let up.”

How does America stack up against the evils of other major countries over the past hundred years? Let’s consider Russia. They murdered 25 million of their own people. How about China? The Marxists killed 65 million of its own citizens. What about Japan? Estimates of death perpetrated by the Japanese in World War II run as high as 10 million. Let’s not forget Germany. The Germans slaughtered up to 30 million innocents including Russians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies and other Europeans. Many of these killings were accompanied by brutal torture and unprecedented savagery.

How does that compare with the so-called sins of the U.S.? America went to war to put an end to many of these killings. We built a great economic superpower that lifted much of the world’s population from poverty, disease and starvation. We dramatically improved the living standards of our citizens and provided them with abundance. We have been the greatest force for good and common sense in the history of our planet. We have blessed the earth with our kindness and decency. We are anything but evil.

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