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When we see price plunges in silver from historic low levels like now, the price invariably bounces back. It’s happened time and again. Silver Analyst Ted Butler insists it’s bullish beyond measure. The big shorts are buying back their short positions because they know there is a silver shortage coming. As frustrating as these silver price plunges are, they set us up for a price breakout soon. Mr. Butler believes the next move up will be dramatic. He calls what’s coming, “the big one.” Frankly, he has the only explanation for what is going on in the futures market. The price of silver is artificially low because of manipulative paper trading. In other words, silver should be much higher. The free-market price could easily be $75 to $100. The unfolding shortage has been caused by 40 years of the price being too low. As a consequence, Mr. Butler thinks the price will overshoot to the upside. He insists that silver is the buy of a lifetime.

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