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When an impressionable young person turns on the TV these days, they are overwhelmed with propaganda from the left. This daily bombardment in the media influences attitudes and voting decisions. Newspapers, magazines and movies also promote socialism. No wonder there is an increase in politicians advocating far-left policies and outright socialism. The large number of young people who have changed their attitude towards big government and socialism is a consequence of the media’s constant promotion of a left-wing agenda.

Throughout my lifetime, the mainstream media has used television news as a means of persuasion. Liberal newsmen like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and Dan Rather were instrumental in selling the liberal agenda to the public. There’s nothing subtle about it anymore. Now they feed us radical liberal dogma that’s somewhat remindful of a fanatical cult. For example, we’ve been bombarded with horror stories about global warming. When a liberal crackpot screams that we will all be dead by 2020, the media makes it sound like science. Most conservatives are on the fence about global warming. They want more evidence and they don’t want to rush to judgement or take rash actions. The media brands them as “climate deniers” somehow akin to “Holocaust deniers.” How fair is that? The left wants to override any opposing opinion and turn over the energy industry to the likes of AOC and Bernie. As always, that includes a big tax hike.

What’s most worrisome is that their media propaganda has worked. We are sliding further into government control and socialistic solutions for every problem. If we get a liberal president, the floodgates will open. If and when socialism wins, that will be the end of our freedom and prosperity. We will fail just as has every other country that tried socialism.

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