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Donald Trump was condemned after his rally in Minneapolis for commenting on our large Somali population. He suggested that the residents of a state should have more input on the number of immigrants allowed. That caused the newspaper and others to condemn him as a racist. One Somali was quoted as saying “I didn’t know they hated us.” It’s not that Minnesota Republicans dislike Somalis, it’s that they don’t like their leader’s politics.

Somalis are integrating into our state reasonably well. They are willing workers and with the exception of a few gang members, are law abiding. However, when they help to elect an avowed socialist to Congress, it’s exasperating to say the least. Ilhan Omar is controversial enough in her personal life, but to immigrate to our country from a third world hell hole and began to denigrate America and promote a radical left-wing agenda is not endearing her to most Minnesotans. Furthermore, it reflects negatively on the Somali community that helped vote this extreme leftist into office.

How can you come from the poverty and injustice of Somalia to the prosperity and stability of America and run off at the mouth about how bad we are? How can you not see that capitalism and free markets have delivered us prosperity and the good life? Her advocacy of socialism is a slap in the face and the ultimate ingratitude. This divisive character who just endorsed Bernie Sanders will not be good for any Minnesotans.

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