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I’m writing this on the weekend prior to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally in Minneapolis on Thursday October 10. Upon the announcement of his visit, the mayor told the media that the president was not welcome. Activists made noise about a confrontation. One TV person claimed that all the attendees would be the same as Ku Klux Klan members. Although Target Center where the event will be held is the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves and in the heart of downtown, shootings and beatings have occurred nearby. The head of the Republican Party in Minnesota claims she was inundated with emails from people who are afraid to attend.  If demonstrators come from out of state, it will drive more people away. I sent the owner of the Minneapolis newspaper the following email:


Mr. Taylor,

I’ve admired you for your great business success and your ability to create wealth. Capitalism has been good to you.

That’s why I’m puzzled why you own a newspaper that promotes socialism and a radical left-wing agenda. Last week your editorial page featured a quotation from Karl Marx along with his picture. Do you really believe we should impeach the president, increase the welfare state, or add a wealth tax?

Next week the president comes to town. People are literally afraid to attend because of downtown crime and the socialist hooligans coming from out of state. The mayor may or may not allow the police to provide maximum security because he sympathizes with the radical demonstrators who could endanger us. Will your liberal paper condemn this, or look the other way? I hope it’s not the latter.

-Jim Cook


You never know if he read it. However, it’s only fair to say that his newspaper did editorialize about the right to free speech and the need for safety. A Republican leader said Trump was “going into the belly of the beast.” I’ve heard from a few people that they were planning to attend. As for me, I hired an off-duty police officer to go with my wife a neighbor lady and me. It’s not that I love Trump so much, it’s that I believe the liberal agenda will ruin America. All police leaves have been canceled for Thursday’s event and a deputy told me that the sheriff’s staff was on call. Hopefully there will be a big enough police force to keep things calm on Thursday.

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