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Liberals have a powerful weapon in the media. They use it to disparage conservatives and often accuse them of racism.  If you voted for Trump, you are a racist. We hear terms like white privilege and institutional racism to describe why some minorities are disadvantaged. In other words, it’s not their fault.

Unfortunately, this message has taken root in universities and even high schools. Our educators are busily teaching students about Americans sins. They teach about bad treatment of Native Americans, a history that definitely has two sides. They teach that our Founding Fathers were bad people and perhaps the Constitution should be scrapped. They are told that America is guilty of pulling the rug out from anybody who is not white. It’s not the land of opportunity, but the land of oppression.

In an affluent Minneapolis suburb, one of the state’s best high schools has seen its academic scores fall like a rock. The school’s new mission is to “ensure that students think correctly on social and political issues – most importantly on race and ‘white privilege’… All teaching and learning must be viewed through the “lens of racial equality,” which blames “white privilege” for the racial learning gap and any other problems that minority populations experience. Policy analyst Katherine Kersten writes in the Minneapolis Tribune, “At Edina High School, racial identity politics are the leading edge of an agenda that includes an angry male-bashing feminism and left wing calls to activism in classrooms, school publications and school assemblies.” One student complains, “This class should be renamed, why white males are bad and how oppressive they are.”

Liberals have hurt our citizens with their welfare state policies that have always failed to lift people up. To escape the blame for the sorry results of their social programs they have changed the narrative. Those who could see what the damage to people would be from these policies are now to be blamed for it.

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