In Jim Cook's Archive


I started talking with silver analyst Ted Butler for the first time in the fall of 2000. It soon became apparent that he knew a lot about silver. Shortly thereafter, we made a deal for him to become a consultant to Investment Rarities and write articles for our newsletter. For the past 22 years, he has done brilliant detective work uncovering evidence of market manipulation in precious metals on the commodity futures market. His motive was primarily that of a silver investor. His extensive experience as a commodities broker in the futures market fostered a deep-seated belief that the silver price would eventually soar to high levels once the manipulation he uncovered had ended. His articles have kept my company ahead of our competition in providing timely and interesting information about silver and gold. Ted Butler’s bullish arguments have been a powerful influence on investors who wanted to own a tangible investment that offered potential for a big gain.

Now, after two decades of analysis, Ted Butler is arguing that the end of massive short-selling by a handful of our largest banks and brokers is likely at hand. This will set the price free from their control and manipulation. Ted says the price of silver will soon explode with one caveat. The big shorts could decide to short again (reshort). However, Ted Butler says they have reduced their huge controlling short position quite dramatically and they are less likely to reshort. The big shorts can see the same abundance of bullish factors that others see. It seems crazy to short silver now. Ted argues that under any circumstances we are going to get a big price rise in silver and there is good reason to believe that this will be a price explosion they will talk about for a hundred years.

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