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I’m jumping the gun here on assuming Joe Biden’s victory.

The victory of Mr. Biden propels us further along the road to a welfare state so expensive that it bankrupts the nation. Mr. Trump lost because the people on the dole turned out en masse to vote against him. They know that a liberal president will lather out more benefits and subsidies without any concern for the economic consequences. Unfortunately what you subsidize, you get more of and that could serve as the nation’s epitaph. Now it seems possible that at some point in the future the U.S. will follow the Venezuelan example and vote for someone who promises to undo the Constitution and pass out the fortunes confiscated from the rich. America has taken a turn away from the principles that made us a great nation. It’s sad to behold. The liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and we are now going to see it in action.

From an economic standpoint, the left will cripple the economy and resort to inflation on a grand scale. Whenever you hear the word stimulus, replace it in your mind with the word inflating. Liberals that run our central banks are going to pump up the stock market for Mr. Biden and monetize enormous quantities of debt. Consequently, the world could lose faith in the dollar. We never know what exactly lies ahead of us, but it’s hard to be optimistic. The more you think about the left being in charge, the more you fear the probable outcome.

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