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Bart Chilton, Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2007 to 2014, died suddenly on April 27th, at age 58 of pancreatic cancer. Only a month ago he gave an interview to Chris Marcus at Arcadia Economics. [Available on YouTube; Google “Bart Chilton Chris Marcus.”] He would have known at the time that he did not have long to live. That explains why he went into detail about the CFTC and the Justice Department’s mutual investigation of JPMorgan’s trading practices. He indicated that at one time they were close to going after JPMorgan, but never pulled the trigger.

That confession validates silver analyst Theodore Butler’s premise that JPMorgan has been suppressing the price of silver in the futures market while acquiring a massive amount of physical metal. It’s the greatest market manipulation of all time and sets up JPMorgan to make a mega-billion dollar profit.

Mr. Butler expresses his enormous frustration with the regulators in the following email sent along with his newsletter to the Justice Department lawyers who are supposedly investigating these trading practices. “You told me that it wasn’t necessary to send you any further information, but in all due respect, you appear to need all the help you can get. Specifically, since the Nov. 6 announcement, JPMorgan has continued to manipulate silver and gold prices on the COMEX, never taking a loss and has continued to acquire physical metal at the very same depressed prices it has created with its uneconomic short sales. What kind of investigation allows the same crime to continue to be committed? Spoofing is [peanuts] – take a look at the big picture manipulation. Where does a citizen go when the Justice Department doesn’t provide any justice?”

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