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Silver analyst Theodore Butler has been right about so many things in the past, it lends credibility to his prediction that silver will go up 5 to 10 times from here. He insists that you can get rich owning silver. Back in 2001 when he became a consultant for my company he predicted silver would rise 10 times. It took a few years, but it happened. He was wrong until he was right. We believe that will be the case again.

In 2001 Ted wrote about the leasing of gold and silver from mining companies to banks and brokers. He called it stupid and predicted it would cause disastrous losses. He sent his articles on leasing to Barrick Gold which was the largest player in this game. They eventually lost billions leasing gold, which Mr. Butler had told them was another form of shorting that would prove disastrous.

He also claimed that big banks were manipulating the silver market. He pointed to AIG as the big short. They got into mortgage trouble and passed the short selling mantle on to Bear Stearns. Mr. Butler suggests that Bear’s failure was linked to a huge margin call on their silver short position. He named JPMorgan as the entity that took over the role of mega-manipulator and short seller on the COMEX. A lot of newsletter editors and financial writers scoffed at this contention. We know now that he was right. He has followed JPMorgan’s trail like a bloodhound and articulated their strategy in building a near-billion-ounce hoard of silver at prices they kept artificially low.

We have in Mr. Butler a person who knows more about silver and the silver market than anyone on earth. He insists it’s going to double, redouble and possibly redouble again. He claims that today’s low price eliminates any significant risk and that the profit potential in silver is enormous. If you were talking with him one on one, he would tell you to buy as much silver as you can afford. Mr. Butler claims that silver is the greatest financial opportunity you will encounter in your life. You should follow his advice for at least 10% of your net worth.

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