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Today’s progressives stand against limitations on COVID-19 lawsuits. Common sense is not so common. The trial lawyers have been quick to initiate legal proceedings against various businesses over COVID infections. Imagine the potential liabilities of cruise ships and airlines. Any business that brings back an employee who subsequently gets sick could face a lawsuit. The Republicans want to eliminate the possibility of this litigation which would be an enormous drag on the economy. The Dems oppose this outcome because they are cozy with the trial lawyers who shove a lot of money their way. The left likes to see corporations get dinged for big financial penalties because down deep they hate free enterprise, business success and capitalism.

These liberals also want to bail out states with pension shortfalls that run into the billions. They want to give massive aid to states whose profligate spending and mismanagement has left them billions in the hole. The federal government’s spending to combat the virus is already in the trillions. That should worry us. To add a few trillion more to help the states offset their deficits from social spending and to make sure government employees experience no financial pain seems unrealistic in light of the pandemic. Compare the security of government employment with the millions of business owners who say they will not be able to keep going until year end.

On an entirely different subject it’s disappointing to see the Pulitzer Prize awarded to Nikole Hannah-Jones for her radical commentary in the New York Times Magazine. She created “The 1619 Project,” which claims that slavery was responsible for the success and prosperity of America. The ultimate goal is to include this bogus theory into curriculum of our schools. In reality, America remained a very poor country until after the Civil War. The industrial revolution and its amazing wealth creation took place well after slavery was abolished. Every American deplores the record of slavery. It has hurt the country more than helped it.

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