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In Nevada’s recent primary election, Latino voted overwhelmingly for the socialist candidate Sanders. The fact that minorities are mostly Democrats is one thing, but being a socialist in something else. Nothing could be worse for America than to have the new citizens in our country vote for socialism. In Minnesota, our congressional representative Ilhan Omar espouses socialism and she thinks she is a saint because of it. She thinks it’s an act of kindness to take the earnings of the people who work and give it to people who don’t work. It never registers that turning people into wards of the state hurts both them and the country. She wants to have the government take even more of what people earn to pay for more of the subsidized life.

Many of these immigrants come from countries where they earned a dollar a day. Imagine their excitement when our government began to give them checks for hundreds or thousands of dollars. If they have kids here, they can get even more. In exchange for that largesse and generosity, you would hope they appreciate that free enterprise and capitalism made it all possible. Instead they vote for socialism. So, if immigrants can no longer pour into the country to vote for socialists, it’s hard to sympathize with them. Socialism has a history of evil acts comparable to fascism and slavery. The left doesn’t care. The reason they want open borders is to get more votes for socialism.

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