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I personally add gold or silver assets of one type or another to my holdings whenever I can. It gives me great comfort because I thing gold and silver will appreciate. The main reason is currency debasement. The monetary authorities are creating trillions out of thin air, but there are plenty of other disturbing factors. For starters, the radical left with their divisive accusations and wokeism are undermining our culture. Leftist policies on energy, immigration, criminal justice and taxation are ruinous. Today’s sudden and huge expansion of welfare payments and subsidies eventually leads to increasing behavioral problems and strident demands for more equity through income transfers. It’s a mess and we all need assets to protect us against this rise of socialism. Inevitably, we are likely going to have to get through a runaway inflation or a collapse into a depression. The more you think about what’s happening to our country with the left in control, the more you need a liquid asset that can give you a way out.

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