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Apparently, it’s not enough that indigenous people in Minnesota have a tremendously lucrative hotel and casino complex in a Minneapolis suburb. The push is on to give these Native Americans some large swaths of land in the state. A 1,200-acre state park was recently turned over to a reservation in western Minnesota. The push is on for them to get a large forest and one of the state’s best walleye fishing lakes. In reporting on this matter, the Minneapolis newspaper justified this land transfer as some sort of payback for the fact that in 1862 the Indians didn’t get the food promised them by the government. Consequently, they started an uprising and a brief war. The newspaper reported that 38 of the Indians responsible were ultimately hanged.


As usual, no mention was made of the more than 400 men, women and children who were slaughtered by the Indians. They murdered entire families. Despite this massacre, Minnesota’s liberal politicians are giving away land to make up for the sins of 150 years ago. Where will it end?


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