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At the beginning of last week when all eyes were on SVB, I sent the following note to our broker staff: “Our clients should be concerned about the possibility of additional bank failures. The huge liability stemming from vacant office buildings still threatens the banking system. Can the Fed bail out every bank troubled by bad real estate loans? Probably not. Gold and silver are insurance against a systemic failure. It’s risky to be without them. Call your clients today and explain this to them.”

The thing about silver and gold is that they historically offer protection against economic disasters. However, with silver, you get the added bonus of a commodity that’s set to soar in price (according to silver analyst Theodore Butler). You should own silver for that reason alone and double down on it for insurance against runaway inflation or a possible deflation of asset values.

We are not out of the woods yet. Remember, these are liberals running the show. Our monetary affairs are in the hands of economists that think like Paul Krugman at the New York Times. These unabashed leftists have been gumming things up for over 100 years. You can expect more of the same.

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