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The polls suggest that Donald Trump will lose the election this fall. Perhaps you should consider owning gold and silver for that reason alone. The stock market would certainly crash if he lost. The Democrats would quickly raise taxes and come after your money. Expensive social programs like guaranteed monthly income and the green new deal would increase the deficit and the inflation rate. Mr. Biden wants a “national police oversight commission” that would cripple law enforcement. The trend towards no bail, no prison time and reduced penalties would threaten personal safety. The oil industry would be decimated, while pipeline construction and mining would be tied up in regulatory knots. The media and the educational system will ratchet up its attacks on capitalism and encourage big government socialism. Trial lawyers will break the bank with juicy litigation. Far left judges and a liberal supreme court will side with unions, radical environmentalists and redistributionists. Racial grievances will be a constant refrain. The dollar will likely see a precipitous decline and the nation’s finances will edge towards a crisis. All of that is in the cards and the liberals will surely dream up additional follies to vex us and bring us to ruin.

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