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The Russian revolutionary V.I. Lenin thought that a dedicated cadre of Marxist revolutionaries could lead people into overthrowing the existing order. He was right. When I hear Marxists today expressing hatred for America and denouncing us for our crimes in various parts of the world, it sounds like they have the same thing in mind. At such times, it’s good to remember that the Marxists were responsible for the murder of 100 million people and in that respect were worse than even the Nazis.

Marxist radicals want to trash capitalism and eliminate the market economy. They want to generate class warfare and turn the people against one another. Ultimately, they wish to expropriate wealth and redistribute it into their own hands much as did the Bolsheviks in Russia. The Reds would round up the farm families who opposed their confiscation of land and crops and load them on trains to Siberia where they were pushed out in the dead of winter with no shelter. These Marxist revolutionaries found grisly ways to torture and kill everyone who opposed them.

It’s truly amazing that this horrible collectivist doctrine still has people promoting it. They teach it at our colleges and praise it in the media. On top of its evil history of crime, collectivism inevitably plunges the country that embraces it into abject poverty. Look at the economic ruins of Nicaragua, Cuba and Zimbabwe. They are proof of the far left’s refusal to learn from its failures. If results matter, this doctrine should finally be put to rest.

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